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Meet the Owner of The Hippie Chickie Co, Victoria

How I Found My Inner Hippie Chickie

Circa 2020, the pandemic hits and I move home to be around family. I think we can all relate to the overwhelming feeling of: what happens next? Well, my next steps included sharing a room with my pre-teen sister and adopting my pandemic puppy, Enzo. Then, miraculously, one afternoon of crafting with my sister turned into the founding of this small business. That day, I made my first pair of chicken studs with my favorite shop dog at my side.

Since its founding, The Hippie Chickie Co has been dedicated to creating colorful and quirky farm-inspired accessories for eclectic fashion goers and farm enthusiasts alike. As a small business for unique and playful products, we have a commitment to using sustainable and eco-friendly materials whenever possible. From repurposing discarded items to using recyclable packaging, our mission continues through our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. The final objective being to be a fully sustainable brand with charitable attributes to the benefit of our local agricultural communities.

At its core, The Hippie Chickie Co is more than just a business - it’s a reflection of my love for agriculture, color, and the simple joys of life. With every piece, we hope you too can add a touch of whimsy to your everyday, spread positivity, and inspire others to embrace their inner hippie chickie.

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